What We Do

Working to End Modern Day Slavery

There are an estimated 49.6 million people trapped in modern day slavery around the world. Over 70% of these victims are women. The Liora Project works to prevent women from ending up in slavery; or releasing, educating & empowering those who have been forced against their will into human trafficking.


We Release Women

Our mission is to safely and securely release women from the sustained sexual abuse encountered at the hands of human trafficking rings. We currently do this in various parts of India.

How do we do this?

Due to the sensitivity of our release work, and the safety of all involved, we do not disclosure who, where or the specifics of how we work. However, we do the following:


Work with specialised local networks


Work with individual women and their families


Work with integrity at heart


Work with organisations delivering medical and well-being support

We Educate Women

Our mission is to educate and train women who have been released from human trafficking or are vulnerable to recruitment due to living in extreme poverty. The training and education provided aims to develop skills that can be applied to self-sustainability or employment. We do the following:


Run sewing training centres exclusively for women’s skills development


Working with local partners to develop training schools for those in the most deprived areas

We Empower Women

Our mission is to empower women through independence and a sense of self-worth and dignity. Financial buoyancy is a significant part of this enablement and we seek to help those who have been trained through our centres to find suitable employment or start their own businesses. We do the following:


Support women to start their own businesses


Provide employment support