Breaking the cycle of modern-day slavery. Together.

We are a charity working to end

Modern-day Slavery and Human Trafficking

We work with women in India who are caught in the cycle of abject poverty. Subjected to human trafficking and sex slavery, they have become prisoners of modern-day slavery. The Liora Project actions women’s release, education, and empowerment because we believe every woman has the right to dignity and freedom. Their fight is our fight. Make it yours too.




Every woman deserves dignity. Help restore her freedom.

Breaking The Human Trafficking Cycle For Women

Ending human trafficking amongst some of the world’s most vulnerable women requires breaking the cycle which causes it. We work with women who need prevention; they are vulnerable to being victims of trafficking. We work with women who need educating; they often lack education and training enabling them to find work and are often naïve to the tactics used by the traffickers to enslave their victims. We work with women who need releasing; they have already been enslaved by human trafficking rings. We work with women who need empowering; they need their dignity, self-respect, and honour restoring.


Preventing vulnerability among women that is advantageous to human traffickers starts with the alleviation of poverty.


Educating on the tactics, warning signs, and manipulations used by human traffickers alerts vulnerable women to the risks and equips them to recognise the dangers. Training women with employable knowledge and skills reduces their risk of vulnerability to the sex trade.


Releasing women recruited, trapped, enslaved and abused by human traffickers provides them with the opportunity to become empowered and educated.


Empowering women with self-respect, dignity, and self-sustainability enables hope for the future, an ability to make decisions for themselves and their families.

Educating Women; Empowering Independence.

Education and Training are a known way out of poverty. Enabling women to have the skills needed to find decent, well-paid employment gives them a way out of poverty, restores dignity & hope, enabling them to provide for their families. It empowers their independence and self-sufficiency.