Our Training Centres

Education & Training to Empower Women

Education and training is a way out of poverty. Alleviating poverty is a way of preventing women from ending up in modern day slavery, and ensuring that those survivors of human trafficking don’t end up trapped in the cycle once again. It empowers them to be self-sufficient and able to provide a decent standard of living for their family.  





Our Training Centres

Our training centres exist to work with those trapped in extreme poverty to enable them to gain vital training and education to find skilled work, breaking them free from a life of poverty and vulnerability.  Those living in extreme poverty are more likely to be enticed by the lure of the traffickers, who offer false jobs and opportunities as a way of trapping vulnerable women into sexual slavery.

 We also work with those who are survivors of human trafficking, helping them to rebuild their lives and restore their dignity, ensuring that they don’t end up trapped in modern day slavery in the future.

Our Sewing Centre

Our sewing training centre has been specifically set up to train women who are survivors of sexual slavery. The centre is run by women who themselves have been rescued out of sex trafficking by the Liora Project. They work alongside a qualified tailor who teaches the women how to sew in a 6-month training program aimed at developing their skills,  empowering them to start their own business in their communities at the end of the training. During the training they are given a training allowance, enabling them to provide for their families whilst they are training.

Once they have completed their training, they are given a sewing machine and given training on how to start their own micro-business, so that they can be self sufficient.

Our Education Centre

Our Education Centre has been established to teach and train women from the poorest communities. In the centre we have a Sewing Training department that teaches the ladies how to sew with the view to them setting up their own businesses. These ladies are trained 3 days a week and the training is run over a 6 month period with transportation & lunch provided during their training period. After their training period has ended they are then supported to start their own sewing businesses or to find work in local companies, enabling them to provide a livelihood for their families, helping them out of poverty.
We are also planning to start a basic Education course for women from the same community, enabling them to have a basic level of education to help them to find employment in the future. We hope to include a pre-school alongside this to start teaching the younger children before they go to school.
By providing education and training for these women it makes them less vulnerable to the lure of traffickers, who prey on vulnerable young women who they can trick into sex trafficking by offering them jobs that don’t exist to then trap them in the red light area.