Lalitha’s Surivior Story

Lalitha Is A Modern Day Slavery Survivor

Lalitha’s father sadly died when she was a teenage, leaving her mother without any financial means. Her father’s family were unwilling to help, and her mother lacked any formal education or training so struggled to find work to provide for the family.

They were struggling to survive and then Lalitha’s mother developed epilepsy. Left with no alternatives, Lalitha had to stop studying and managed to find a job working in a family’s home.

She was persuaded by this family into sex-work, with the promise of financial support for her family in exchange to Lalitha working in the red light area.

Reluctantly and left with no other option, Lalitha agreed and ended up trapped in the sex trade for over 10 years before gaining her freedom.

Today, she is free. Trained by us and skilled in her sewing trade by The Liora Project, she is able to provide on-going support for her family.

In spite of all the pain that she has been through, Lalitha now visits the women trapped in the red light area and builds relationships with them so that she can encourage them, comfort them and eventually hoping they will find a way to release them out of their situation.

We work with many women who have stories similar to Lalitha’s. Not all of them want their stories to be shared but Lalitha has given us permission to tell hers, so that she can help others receive the same support and training she’s experienced.

It’s all made possible by your donations and support.

Every woman deserves dignity. Help restore her freedom.