Mani’s Surivior Story

Mani Is A Modern Day Slavery Survivor

Mani was thirty three years old when her husband walked out on her after she gave birth to their first child, a daughter. Her husband was angry about having a daughter due to the added financial pressures of providing a dowry when she was old enough to get married.

This caused him to abandon the family and as Mani’s parents were already deceased, she was utterly alone without any money or means of support to take care of her child.

A neighbour, knowing of Mani’s situation and vulnerability, offered Mani a cleaning job. However this was not what it seemed and Mani didn’t realise she was walking into a trap.

Whilst cleaning one day, three men were sent to the property.

Mani was trapped, beaten, tied down and raped by these men who then sold Mani into red light district along with her daughter.


She was trapped for three years in the sex trade, where she was tortured and abused on a daily basis.

Whilst she was in there, there were many times she thought she would never escape, but that is not the end of her story and today, Mani and her daughter are free.

Mani has been trained in our Sewing Training Centre and is now skilled in her trade. She assists in our training centre, helping the new trainees to learn and improve their sewing skills.

Along with this, her daughter is thriving in school and enjoying her education.

We work with many women who have stories similar to Mani’s. Not all of them want their stories to be shared but Mani has given us permission to tell hers, so that she can help others receive the same support and training she’s experienced.

It’s all made possible by your donations and support.

Every woman deserves dignity. Help restore her freedom.